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Code of Conduct for Scientists

Revision of Code of Conduct for Scientists

SCJ has revised the statement "Code of Conduct for Scientists" on January 25, 2013.

Formulation of Code of Conduct for Scientists


SCJ is gravely concerned about frequent occurrences of misconduct by scientists at home and abroad and is keenly aware of its responsibility to work out measures to prevent the recurrence of unfair practices. Toward this end, SCJ formulated the statement "Code of Conduct for Scientists" in October 2006. The code represents the minimum ethical standards which should be shared by all scientists regardless of their disciplines. The standards are for scientists to conduct independent and autonomous research under trust and commitment from society. SCJ hopes that all universities, research institutes and academic organizations will formulate their own code of conduct with reference to the "Code of Conduct for Scientists." Another statement, "Toward the Autonomous Realization of the Code of Conduct for Scientists", inseparable from the code, calls on all the organizations to prepare and implement ethical programs.

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