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President's Comments - April 14,2004

On the occasion of enforcement the "Amendment of Part of the Science Council of Japan Law"

April 14,2004

 "Amendment of Part of the Science Council of Japan Law" is enacted today. The amendments allow the Science Council of Japan more autonomy, thus demand more responsibility and accountability to this institution representing scientific community of Japan.

 In recent years, national academies have launched several initiatives to engage more actively to the society and empower scientific communities of the world to provide recommendations to address major global issues we face in the new century; they include ever growing human population, deteriorating environment, and the widening North-South dichotomy. These initiatives are based on the conviction of the scientific community that its expertise is critical and indispensable to solve these global issues or sustainability.

 Science Council of Japan has been an active and leading participant of various international academic organizations networks such as International Council for Science (ICSU), InterAcademy Panel, InterAcademy Council, Science Council of Asia, United Nations University and its Institute of Advanced Study, and committed to the national, regional and international science and technology policies.

by Kiyoshi Kurokawa, President of the Science Council of Japan

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