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Message from the President

Prof. Dr. WANG Xi

To mark the beginning of another eventful calendar, we just held an excellent annual conference with 31 organizations from 18 member countries/region, while adding the newest member, National Science and Technology Commission from Sri Lanka. I am very honored and privileged to follow in the footsteps of my predecessors and other colleagues who have shaped the SCA.

Asia has experienced the fastest economic growth in history, with significant advancement of science and technology. But this growth has come at a price: environmental deterioration, economic uncertainty, and widening gaps between the rich and poor. A shift to a balanced development path will not only protect what we have achieved, but also ensure a more sustainable future for the people of the region. Science and technology are considered the most effective means to drive growth and sustainability development. As has been demonstrated in the evolution of a number of advanced economies, technological advances and innovations have a profound and long-term impact on income distribution, economic growth and employment. The acquisition and integration of scientific discoveries and inventions are also critical for the improvement of public health and environmental quality.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which has the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), has called for immediate and tangible actions that have been adopted by all United Nations Member States. As no one nation can achieve sustainable development alone, international communities should make leading contributions to tackle major problems such as reducing inequality, confronting natural disasters and fighting diseases. SCA is such a collaborative platform for member states and member organizations in Asia to promote scientific exchange and cooperation, and to share ideas together with effective development strategies. Through SCA Joint Projects and other activities supported by SCA, Asian scientific resources have been assembled to lead efforts on impactful actions on major scientific studies and sustainability projects, such as gender study in scientific fields, international collaboration on natural hazard reduction, response to climate change, science & technology education and so on.

Together, we will continue to promote strategies in which science and technology can play an important role towards achieving SDGs in Asia, expand our activities, pursue challenging goals and enable future progress. With dedication and collaboration, we will create an equal, inclusive, sustainable, and resilient future that leaves no one behind.

Prof. Dr. Quazi Abdul Fattah

Prof. Dr. WANG Xi
Science Council of Asia (SCA)