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Message from the President

Professor Aminul Islam
President, Bangladesh Academy of Sciences (BAS)

The 17th SCA Conference and Management Board Meeting have been organized jointly and very successfully by the National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP), Department of Science and Technology of the Philippines (DOST), and Science Council of Japan (SCJ) and the Secretariat of SCA during 14-16 June 2017 in Manila, Philippines.

A very encouraging number of countries and scientific organizations attended the conference. The decisions taken during the meeting will strengthen the next steps forward to attain the goal of Science Council of Asia (SCA).

The general public is the end users of scientific findings. The spread of science literacy through the use of printed and electronic media, science clubs, science museums and learned scientific societies like the science academies, have assumed a new dimension. No wonder, Science Council of Asia (SCA) has been devoting considerable attention for the promotion of science education and research.

One of the purposes of Science Council of Asia would be to bring together a good number of active science academies which have been devoting significant amount of time for the promotion of public understanding of sciences and enhancing the quality of science education and research.

I hope, SCA will be very successful in its endeavour and bring about strong relationship with member countries in respect of promoting science cooperation.

I wish grand success of SCA in its effort to achieve the goal.

 Professor Aminul Islam
Aminul Islam,(Prof.)
Science Council of Asia 2016- 2018