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Twentieth Conference
May 13-15 ONLINE & Guangzhou, China

Theme :The Age of New Materials: Innovation for Sustainable Society
Organized by :China Association for Science and Technology(CAST)

The 20th Science of Asia Conference was held on May 13-15 ONLINE and in Guangzhou, China.

The conference was organized by China Association for Science and Technology(CAST). This year there were about 500 participants from twenty-one countries/region.

The 20th SCA Conference presented great opportunities for sustainable development and collaborations between scientists. The next conference is scheduled for March 15 to 17, 2022 ONLINE and in New Delhi, India.

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Conference hall (LN Garden Hotel Nansha Guangzhou)

Welcome speech at the Opening Ceremony (Dr. Wang Xi, Former president of SCA)

General Assembly

Declaration of 20th SCA Conference at the Closing Ceremony
(Prof. SHIBUSAWA Sakae, Seretary General/Treasurer of SCA)

Greeting at the Closing Ceremony (Prof. Jang Moo LEE, President of SCA)

Introduction of 21st SCA Conference at the Closing Ceremony
(Prof. V.K. Malhotra, Vice President of SCA)