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Young Academy of Japan

Young Academy of Japan was established within Science Council of Japan from the 23rd term (2015- ) to provide ideas of young scientists to solve social issues and to develop young scientists who will take important roles in the academia of the future

Chair: Akihiro KISHIMURA Vice-Chair: Yoko SHIMPUKU Secretary: Wataru IWASAKI Secretary: Kenkichi TAKASE
Chair: Akihiro KISHIMURA
Associate Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University
Vice-Chair: Yoko SHIMPUKU
Associate Professor, Human Health Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University
Secretary: Wataru IWASAKI
Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science, the University of Tokyo
Secretary: Kenkichi TAKASE
Professor, Laboratory of Psychology, Jichi Medical University

Members of Young Academy of Japanロゴ(カラー
Photo: Members of Young Academy of Japan with the Vice-President of Science Council of Japan,
Professor Mitsunari at the 1st Young Academy meeting of the 24th term (2018/12/28)
Logo of Young Academy of Japan




Young Academy Meetings

The 7th Meeting (2019/8/23)  
The 6th Meeting (2019/3/4)  
The 5th Meeting (2018/11/22)  
The 4th Meeting (2018/10/29)  
The 3rd Meeting (2018/8/31)  
The 2nd Meeting (2018/3/29) Agenda [Japanese] pdf  
The 1st Meeting (2017/12/28) Agenda [Japanese] pdf Meeting minutes [Japanese]pdf

Subcommittee of Young Academy

Executive Subcommittee [English]
Subcommittee on Future Academia [English]
Subcommittee on Young Scientist Network [English]
Subcommittee on Social Collaboration for Innovation [English]
Subcommittee on International Activities [English] Memberlistpdf



Activities hosted by Young Academy

2018/3/28 Young Academy of Japan, Public Workshop “Discussions on social and global contributions of young scientists through interactions between Korean and Japanese scientists [Japanese]pdf

Articles of Young Academy *Trends in the Sciences

Logo of Young Academy of Japan

logo(with color)
   logo(black and white)

The logo was designed by Dr. Tomoya Hanibuchi, a member of Young Academy of Japan, in 2018. The interdisciplinarity and enthusiasm of YAJ are represented by the flowers and leaves.

  • The logo can be used for promotional activities of Young Academy of Japan.
  • Inquiry about its usage must be sent to the chair, vice-chair, or secretaries.
  • The logo can be resized, but its color and aspect ratio cannot be altered.


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