SCA Joint Project Workshop: Hydrology

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SCA Joint Project Workshop: Recent Development of Water Resources and Hydrology

Organizers: Dr. Tadashi Yamada, Member of SCA Joint Project Section, SCJ / Professor, Chuo University, Japan
Recent Development of Computer Software Related to Water Research and Hydrology
Dr. Tadashi Yamada
Member of SCA Joint Project Section, SCJ / Professor, Chuo University, Japan
New River Information System and Radar Rain Gauge Network in Japan
Dr. Tadahiko Nakao
Executive Director, Foundation of River and Basin Integrated Communications, Japan
Missions of International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management under the auspices of UNESCO
Mr. Junichi Yoshitani
Public Works Research Institute, Japan
Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004 - sharing experiences with Japanese
Dr. Kazuo Nadaoka
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Current research on local scour at bridge pier in Vietnam
Dr. Tran Dinh Nghien
University of Transport and Communication, Viet Nam
Current use of computer software for modernisation and improvement of irrigation system management in Vietnam
Dr. Nguyen Viet Chien
Director, Center for Water Resource Software, Vietnam Institute for Water Resources Research, Vietnam
Recent Development of Computer-Software Related to GCM and Meso-scale Rainfall Simulation
Dr. Assela Pathirana
Senior Research Fellow, United Nations University

HARMONIT/Harmonising software in EU and sample application of coupled models for Flood and Water Quality Studies in Vietnam

No.1 No.2
Mr. Stan Lindberg
Head of Urban Water Utilities, Danish Hydraulic Laboratory, Denmark